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Countdown begins. Write!

Release (Catherine G. Vilbrun)

by Scott Mitchell

Pieces of puzzles scattered
Trying to reassemble the fragments
Paints of tears on a pillow splattered
Like a canvas of broken flesh
Streamed with the blood of many wrongs
Wondering if this earth is where I belong
Stop this hurt from within
This never ending malevolent spin
Before my will escapes me
Let me draw the crimson lines that will release me
From The pain and the shame
Let me set this up in flame
Flamboyant as my ashes rise to the sun
Finally Free


Catherine G. Vilbrun

4 minutes


Scott’s rave: This one is very deep and I can feel the pain in it and then the release of pain that the one personified seemingly could not avoid pursuing. Awesome writing Catherine! Please visit Catherine G. Vilbrun to read more of her work!


Oblivion (Catherine G. Vilbrun)

by Scott Mitchell

Rapture of skin
Glimpse of time passed
So sweetly
Gracefully ascending to oblivion
A symphony chanted in unison

Loosing grip on reality
Parting from the shell of skin
And embracing our duality made one
Your name like a chant upon my lips
Summoning a fragile love

Further parting to embrace you
The self of me lost in time
Falling into pure karma
Like an open book
Left for your fingers to discover and guide


Catherine G. Vilbrun
2 minutes


Scott’s rave: The first words “Rapture of skin” immediately set the stage here in this work of art by Miss Vilbrun. Oh how the imagination takes control as I continue reading of  the succulent intimacy, but THEN, what’s this? The 3rd stanza poked my curiosity with “further parting.” Whew, I seriously just felt a thunderbolt through my entire soul! Can one part from and lose the self in such a moment? Wow, how so much can be pondered in that last stanza. I want to live this poem! Beautiful writing and I thank Catherine G. Vilbrun for sharing it here! Please visit her blog to read more of her writing and poetry!

Enchanted (LScott)

by Scott Mitchell

Would I be too old fashioned
to ask for your hand
take a walk on the beach
dig our toes in the sand?

If I ask for a kiss
would you submit to my charms
fall into my eyes
lean into my arms?

If I ask for your love
bestow my heart fully to you
and if I give you the world
would you say I do?


LScott 2013

4 minutes


Scott’s rave:  I love this sweet poem written by LScott! For me, this is what the love is all about. It’s about the special moments. Falling into my eyes or learning into my arms is just as intimate for my soul as any level of intimacy, if with the one I love so deeply. And then closing with the vow of forever. What in this world is greater in comparison to that? Thanks again Lauren, for this contribution of your writing here! Please visit LScott Poetry for more of her beautiful writing!

Yours for mine (RomanceWithVal)

by Scott Mitchell

I’ll trade you a smile
For a kiss
The tip of my tongue
For your lips

The palm of your hand
For my hips
The front of my shirt
For a rip

The swell of my breasts
For only the best
The length of my legs
For you to spread

The arch in my back
For a forward thrust
The scream of your name
For one night of lust



4 Minutes


Scott’s rave: Another awesome one from Romance With Val! I love the creativity of “trading” in this. This queen of romance writing expresses everything perfectly in words, to raise eyebrows of the reader. “The scream of your name”??? My senses and imagination are sent into oblivion… Please visit RomanceWithVal for more of her great writing.

Please Don’t Frown (SM)

by Scott Mitchell

Hey pretty smile
you need to know
Beyond all else
you steal the show

Fill a freighter
with goddesses and sail
to my shore and flaunt
offerings of lustful gails

I’d turn my head away and laugh
if there was one little hope
Of holding you forever
on our beach, alone

What does tomorrow hold
only God can know
keep that chin up, love
as my hope grows


Scott Mitchell

3 minutes

A Bitter Sweet End (Bluefiadiarries)

by Scott Mitchell

If you choose to be silent then fine
I’ll choose to be myself
Give all or draw some line
I’m not just a book puts on the shelf

Good bye isn’t necessary
I’m no type who holds one in a hurry
Take your time and explore others
I don’t think it will make my value over

Someone to lose or someone to gain
That’s the only true that life remain
I’ll lose someone today but I might be lucky tomorrow
You let go of me just a bow to an arrow

Nonetheless I’ll be stronger
This will not take longer
Good bye to you my friend
This is a bitter sweet end



5 Minutes


Scott’s rave: Another one from Blue! I can relate to this one in many ways. There comes that time when we have to say good bye. Since normal and real friends never really say it, I have to assume this is related to a “romantic interest” friend or a friend that one hoped for more with. It’s statistically uncommon that after further interests are at play that the two can’t step back and just be normal friends and they must  part ways. That’s not always the case, but often is I believe. I’ve written of it myself in a poem or two. Nice writing Bluefiadiarries! Please visit her blog for more poetry.

HAREM WIFE (Catherine G. Vilbrun)

by Scott Mitchell

She is suited for all men, for all needs
She belongs to them all and them to her
Men pursue her charms like a lion does a deer
For them she wears her extravagant smile
Perfumes her wrists with tempting attraction
Her tongue is ever so sweet, her lips magnetic
The crevasse of her thighs welcomes them home
She belongs to none but all ache to possess her
Her sensuality is intoxicating to their lustful quest
Nothing she says is out of place
Her loving arms have quenched the pain of many days
And silenced the fears of the weakened
And for that she is known to be the Harem wife

Catherine G. Vilbrun
7 Minutes


Scott’s rave: It’s like a treat for my eyes and soul whenever my friend Catherine writes something and she surprised me and sent this delightful one this morning. Women have that natural beauty that is almost undefinable. Appearance is only part of it. The beauty of her soul and how it is expressed outwardly is equally, if not more a part of it all. As Catherine mentions here “Her sensuality is intoxicating” and I completely understand what she is saying. This poem is so beautiful itself and I wish I could say I’m surprised she wrote it in only 7 minutes, but I already know the skills of this author and her moments of inspiration are always profound. Please visit Catherine G. Vilbrun’s blog and enjoy more of her work!

A Gift to You (Artistry Allure)

by Scott Mitchell

I want you to know what I hide in the gutters of my soul
the dirty specks, part of a whole
and if you can handle my worst
then surely my best will not be compensation
it will be a symbol of my growth and rebirth

a gift to you
for not letting my mistakes define me
for seeing through the toxic
for unveiling me
so gently

like morning dew drops on petals
you’ve placed jewels on my feet
because the path they walked
they shall walk no more


Kimberley Valerie
5 Minutes


Scott’s rave:  Wow, so profound would the moment be when one can feel free to show all that they are, past and present, with no fear of judgement. What a strong sentiment of hope and new horizons this closes with. I’m in awe with her chosen words to describe it! Kimberley Valerie of Artistry Allure has decided to honor the blog here with one of her beautiful writings. I’ve followed her closely since she first started her blog and I’m always impressed by her work.  Please visit Artistry Allure to see some great writing, photography, and music!


by Scott Mitchell

Day breaks
and I lay awake
Last night

Those almost kisses
Orgasmic near misses
as your body mixes with mine
such sweet wine
O so fine

Your tongue full of tricks
in my mouth transfixed
keeps hush the screams
wild fire, porn scenes
the dashes and clashes
as you ravage my Ravine

Breakfast comes all too quickly!

So abrupt,
the smell of pancakes
rudely disrupt
my daydream
of the night’s passing
but alas
you’re here

You draw near
and I deliberate
on how you make it up to me
Gladly for all its worth
we settle for dessert
love making
in all its


Festival King
8 minutes


Scott’s rave: Wow, I’m hungry for some pancakes, chicken and waffles, or anything if the setting is like this poem from Festival King! What could be better than 2 of my favorite things in the same moment, pancakes and ….. poetry, yeah poetry! I love the expression in this one. So intense that I can taste it. Please visit Festival King for more of her great poetry!

a moment (SM)

by Scott Mitchell

Here we are, inside of a moment
or perhaps on the outside, looking in
Where would your heart be, if with me
in the now, as we take reality for a spin

Holding horizons in your eyes
don’t tell me to stay ashore
There’s a wind tonight, I hear an ocean cry
begging for a sail or an oar

Of the countless moments I’ve lived
anticipation never felt so profound
An endless frenzy, spoken with eyes
a warm embrace, and no need for a sound

This moment is ours to breathe
may the vital breath of my heart endure


Scott Mitchell

7 Minutes

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